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We enjoyed sampling the different flavors!
Orange vanilla is our favorite; it tastes like a Dreamsicle!

We really like it!

We love how the flavors pair well with each other. We think it also goes well with any type of sandwich. So, it’s a great addition to the options at our coffee shop.

love the customize box option

These flavors are incredible and this soda is the best. My daughter found it local in Indiana but I live in Ohio. Being able to pick exactly what we want in our box is just perfect. Not to mention the cans look elegant when serving to guests.

My favorite ‘soda’

Flavor combinations and ingredients are so good!
Personally, they are a bit too sweet so a ‘less sugar’ version without any sweeteners other than real sugar would be amazing.

Orange Vanilla Wholesale


Really delicious, these flew right out of our cooler.

Amazing craft sodas

These sodas are so amazing. The flavors very unique and refreshing.

Lavender Cherry Wholesale


Love this orange vanilla soda! It's not only delicious but it's made from real ingredients not a bunch of chemicals with added dye. Very happy with my purchase and would recommend!


Love this soda and so happy to have found that a small, local company is my preferred soda!


We love this epic drink!

Beverage Review

The drinks are amazing I love them. And will only carry these drinks on my food trailer.

Awesome mojitos.

Great flavor combinations

Orange Vanilla

Customers are loving the flavor!

Cardamom Grape
Brent H.

Cardamom Grape

Blueberry Lemon

Outstanding flavor

Cardamom Grape has been our biggest seller at Hunter's Brewing. We use it for a flavored Mule and our customers have returned for more. Thanks.

Mint Lime Wholesale

Aftermath Cidery & Winery

Delicious & Refreshing

This soda reminds me of a concoction created by an expert mixologist. The lavender and cherry flavors play so well together creating an experience you don’t want to miss! I can enjoy this as a beverage on its own with no guilt or as a mixer with alcohol if I want something stronger after a long day. I’ll be ordering this on repeat all year!

Vanilla Wholesale

Sparkling Joe Wholesale


This was a flavor I needed to try, and it was so good! The shipping was quick and carefully packed.