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Refreshing and tasty treat

Both my wife and I enjoy your craft sodas, and ordered both the grape cardamom and a variety pack. The order was sent to California for the enjoyment of family. Unfortunately the order did not arrive on time and we were unable to enjoy.the order did arrive a day or two later.


Lavender Cherry is my #1 pick!

Lavender Cherry is by far my favorite flavor. I truly love all the crafted soda heart belongs to Lavender Cherry. It is such a unique flavor.

Cardamom Grape
Erica G.
Cardamom Grape

Cardamom Grape is exactly what a grape drink should be. It has a perfect mild hint of grape. Such a fun flavor combination. This drink does not disappoint.

Love the product but not the label

Very good flavor profiles...however the label is too busy and doesn't stand out in the crowded beverage section. A simpler, cleaner label would make it pop in the sea of beverages on the shelves...


Lovely blend

An absolute fabulous mix of flavers.

Great beverage

These were great for cocktails

First Order

Found Roots & Revelry at Perkins Good Earth Farm on a recent trip to Northern Indiana. Loved them. Ordered a case to have on hand and trying different flavors. All good of the ones I have tried. Will be ordering again.
Thank you, Lewis Eades

Delicious and simple soda, the vanilla is so tasty! I highly recommend buying this soda brand tasty tasty tasty

good stuff

We got two of each

We ordered two of each available flavor. Most have been quite tasty so far. Although, if you are not a fan of vinegar I would stay clear of Peach Shrub.

Mint Lime
Leona K.

Mint Lime

Sparkling Joe
Maryellen J.
Nothing Else Like It

Another great flavor from Root and Revelry.

Blueberry Lemon is excellent!

The blueberry lemon is the best seller from our food truck. Will continue to purchase these.

Wish the mint lime was an option for the customizer

I was so excited to find a natural soda company, and it’s based in my home state too! Support local! I loved all the flavors available, the mint lime and orange vanilla are my favorites so far. Everything else is still pretty good, except for the peach shrub. That tasted like straight up vinegar and soap. I had to pour it out it was so bad. I looked on the ingredients and sure enough, distilled vinegar was there. Idk why that was suggested but it was nasty. Was really sad because I love peach sodas and I had high hopes for this one after having all the other flavors. It just did not make the cut. Otherwise I would give this review five stars. Also the grapefruit and raspberry haven’t been in stock since I found out about this company and I’ve been disappointed that those flavors are still not available. Oh well. I will still purchase the other flavors while I can. Except peach shrub. Nobody should suffer to drink that ever again I’m sorry.

Thanks for your honest review, Lenni! We get that not every flavor is for every person, and our shrub (vinegar based) sodas are among the most divisive.

Since you're enjoying the citrus flavors, I'm certain you'll love Grapefruit when it comes back into season this winter! I would caution you against Raspberry Shrub though. The raspberry flavor comes through stronger than the peach, but there is still a noticable tang and acidity from the vinegar. Raspberry Shrub was out of stock for almost a year due to supply and cost fluctuations, but it is back and available exclusively as 12 packs!

We look forward to serving you again in the future and your unbiased reviews!

Love the flavor. do think its a bit too sweet.


As a person with tummy issues and major sensitivities to additives I was overjoyed to find Root & Revelry. The ingredients are simple and the taste is amazing!

This is the second time we got a variety box. We got a variety box so that we could pick our 2/3 favorites and get boxes of just those flavors…. The problem is that there is NO bad flavor…. They are all so good!

Vanilla Wholesale

Love Love Love it. Will be ordering again


Our customers literally come in just for these drinks when we post the new stock on Facebook.

Spice of Life

Variety is the spice of life and I love that this company lets you customize your orders. I chose most of my favorites then added a mix of others so I could try new ones, which now may become my new favorites. These drinks, for me, are such a refreshing change to “soda” and not have it to buy a case of one kind.

Love it

Your sodas rock. Big fan. My favorite is lavender cherry.

Cardamom Grape
Diane S.
Creative Sparkle

I am obsessed with this company and its drinks! Each are unique, creative and gently bubbly. I first had the Cardamom Grape while on vacation and loved it so much I ordered a case of mixed blends to enjoy for the summer. I’m not a big soda drinker, but these are perfect when I want a little sparkle! I would suggest some bubble wrap when shipping the case as 2 of the cans had popped open during shipping.