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Best Soda Ever!

This soda tastes great & perfectamount of bubbles

The BEST Soda

Every flavor I’ve tried is excellent. I’ve loved the soda on tap, and now I can also enjoy it canned at home.

Tastiest Sodas!

Five Stars all around for Root and Revelry Craft Soda! Clean ingredients + flavorful taste. Favorite flavor so far is the Vanilla and can't wait to try the other three flavors in my customized mixed box.

Not A Dud In The Bunch

I put together my own variety pack and they are all delicious. If I had to pick some favorites it would be mint and vanilla, but there is not a dud in the bunch.

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Excellent Sodas!

These sodas are right up my alley! I don’t drink booze so I am always looking for something fun to drink that isn’t complete garbage - these totally fit the bill. Love that they’re natural and not too sweet, could totally make a fun mocktail with them or drink on their own. The mix and match is awesome too! My favorites are mint lime & orange vanilla- but they are literally all delicious!

11/10, doesn’t get any better than this!

Love this soda, plain and simple. Favorite is the mint lime for the mojito vibes!

Mint Lime
Summer D.
Better than Amazon.

I live in SC, and I’m more excited to see these packages arrive than I am with my Amazon packages. I can never get enough of the Mint Lime!! My fave!!

Unique sodas

Love the lavender cherry!

Great service, package arrived just days after placing the order.

Full-Flavored Yum!

Love every flavor we tried of this delicious soda!

Great for gifting!

I ordered a variety pack as a birthday gift for a friend because I just love it so much and wanted to share this amazing find. Thanks for including shipping!!

I’m addicted!!

I have been ordering these drinks for months, even in South Carolina! I love the quality of the drinks, but the tastes are incredible! Mint Lime is my favorite! My kids love the Vanilla and Vanilla Orange. If I could describe these drinks in one word, it would be SMOOTH!!!! I don’t like strong carbonation in drinks, but love strong flavors, and I get here! Thank you, Tony and Shannon, for being so creative and taking this venture!

Simply delicious

These sodas are so unique -- and amazingly tasty.

Great Flavor Options

So glad we found Root & Revelry. They have unique soda flavors that kick things up a notch. Great alone or in mixed drinks. One of my new favorite locals shops!

Great flavor!

It’s hard to pick a favorite flavor. They are all so refreshing. Shipping and customer service are super quick and responsive. Highly recommend for everyone to try.

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Michelle F.
So good!

This soda is so flavorful, not too sweet, and such an overall treat to drink! I love the flavor combinations. Also perfect to make mixed drinks with, or delicious alone. Fast shipping too.

The best!

I have loved Root & Revelry for many years, and always made Uptown Cafe a must-stop when I would visit home after moving away. Now, I can have it shipped to my door, to friends, or to the office. A welcome package at anyone's door!

Full of flavor but not too sweet

I haven't found many sodas that I love, most of them being too sweet, but wow these are delicious. Each flavor is unique and complex (but not too weird), and they all taste super fresh. My husband and I liked using the recipes on the site for mixers, but the sodas taste luxurious enough to be a special drink on their own, making them perfect for anyone who doesn't drink alcohol. My favorite flavor was the lavender cherry.

So fast, so delicious

We love this product and the people behind this product. Don't hesitate to purchase!


We have had the privilege of being able to get this soda locally and have recently moved away. These craft sodas were such a treat and we loved each of the flavors.


Shipping was incredibly quick, and the product has been amazing! The flavors I was familiar with were perfect and loved the new flavors I hadn’t tried before! I will definitely purchase again!


We loved Root and Revelry’s sodas! It was honestly a highlight of my day to take one out of the fridge because the taste was so fresh and unique. I haven’t seen some of the flavor combinations before, and they work so well! Thanks for the delightful product!

Delicious Natural Sodas

We absolutely loved getting to taste the myriad of flavors from Root & Revelry. Our favorites were the lemon blueberry, orange vanilla, and lavender cherry. You can truly taste the real, natural flavors! And flavor notes hit you at different time, providing a complexity not often experience in sodas. We loved these drinks!